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Tears and loss make Monsters or saints

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In today's Scripture readings from the Feast of St. James the Apostle, we read in Psalm 126 of the tears of suffering, loss, and persecution as seed for the harvest of God's grace. As Jesus' Cross and great suffering gave birth to new life in Resurrection, so too does the suffering of God's people give birth to the saint (sanctity/holiness).

Similarly, in Matthew 20:20-28, Jesus speaks of the necessity of the disciple of Christ to have a heart of service, a heart like their Lord, seeking to reconcile, to heal, to help, to teach, to evangelize, and to love in self-sacrifice...even to the point of the Cross.

But tears and loss can also make monsters.

Many a wounded individual, or society, has turned to revenge, becoming international, and domestic terrorists. Like the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers, Timothy McVeigh, Islamic Fundamentalists, Communists, tyrants and dictators, mobsters, thugs, and criminals, suffering can turn a heart into stone, and a human person into a monster.

Societies can also become this way.

America is becoming this very monster.

Persecuting religious freedom with HHS mandates is a monstrous reaction to a supposed 'war on women.' Abortions, spearheaded by Planned Parenthood, and funded thug-like by the Obama Administration, is a monstrous way to protect 'women's reproductive rights.' Forcing a free nation to become socialist through mandated health care is a monstrous way to provide for an unfortunate few. Encouraging the flood of illegal immigration across our southern border, endangering our southern citizens--not to mention the young immigrants lives--for the sake of South American persecution is a monstrous lie for political purposes. Coddling Russian mob-Presidents, and playing soft with Islamic terrorists is a monstrous mistake, leaving America vulnerable to various threats domestic and abroad. Stamping down Judeo-Christianity in the public square, while divinizing pop culture is the monstrous reason for the collapse of the American family, national morality, while polluting our youth with licentiousness and electronic tomfoolery.

Yet, saints have always come from the persecution of purely human oppression. For 'the blood of Christians is seed.' As the Blood of Christ is the seed of eternal life, the self-sacrifice of the faithful disciple is the most powerful form of evangelization know to man. For the Cross speaks ten thousand times louder, and clearer, than words.

And the Word most powerful is the Crucified Word of God, Jesus Christ.