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Tearful Dennis Rodman heads to rehab

According to a Jan. 19 article on, Dennis Rodman has checked into an alcohol rehab program in New Jersey after returning from a controversial visit to North Korea. Rodman's agent explained that the former NBA star very drank heavily while visiting his friend Kim Jong Un, the despised and unpredictable leader of the highly-secretive country.

Reporters brought Rodman to tears
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Rodman organized a team of former NBA stars to play in a game against a North Korean national team in honor of Kim Jong Un's birthday. Rodman even sang "Happy Birthday" to the despot.

Rodman is blaming his alcohol consumption for some remarks he made in an interview with CNN earlier this month where he stated that an American sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea may have done something to deserve the punishment.

In an emotionally-charged encounter with critical reporters at the Beijing airport after leaving North Korea, Rodman broke into tears. CNN reports:

"I'm not the president," he told the reporters. "I'm not an ambassador. I'm Dennis Rodman."

Rodman also said, "I'm sorry for what's going on in North Korea, the certain situations," but he didn't apologize for his visit.

Bizarre behavior is not new to Rodman's public persona. Even when he was still playing in the NBA, he was known for his colorful hair and unusual attire, once even donning a wedding gown!

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