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Teaneck High School senior prank: 62 students caught

High school senior students – 62 of them – have been arrested by authorities in New Jersey on Thursday. Police responded to an incident that occurred at approximately 2 a.m. early Thursday morning at Teaneck High School. According to a Fox News report on Thursday, police went to the school in the middle of the night when a burglar alarm was triggered. Once there, police found high school students pulling a senior prank involving vandalism of the facility.

Teaneck High School in New Jersey

Reportedly, the senior class prank involved students littering the school’s hallways with petroleum jelly and urine throughout the building. Involved with the prank were some 62 high school students – many of whom are believed to not know the trouble they have gotten themselves into. Teaneck, New Jersey’s Sgt. John Garland said that the incident is a burglary and he doesn’t think the students understand the severity of their actions. Garland says, “It’s a very serious offense.”

Most of the students involved are minors while a good portion of them are already of legal age. Specifically, 38 of the persons involved were juveniles and 24 were 18 – or older - and therefore classified, by law, as adults..Those 24 students who are of age have been charged with burglary and criminal mischief. The 38 under-aged students were released from the police to their parents. It is believed that there were even more students involved, but some of them got away without being caught when police arrived on the scene.

In the childish act of vandalism, after entering the school illegally late at night, the students turned chairs over while breaking some of the chairs. The vandals wrote graffiti on the walls. They also greased doorknobs throughout the building with petroleum jelly and taped hotdogs to student lockers. Part of their prank involved putting silly string and balloons on the floors throughout. Additionally, urine was found in the hallways of the building.

Due to the large number of students involved in the prank that were seen through the windows of the school when authorities arrived, additional assistance was called for. According to a Yahoo! News report, dozens of neighboring towns as well as county law enforcement officials were brought in to assist. Police used their police dogs to search every room in the building as students were attempting to hide from the authorities. As one would expect and hope, the Teaneck school superintendent, Barbara Pinsak stated at a news conference on Thursday that the school district is considering disciplining the students.

Reportedly, a senior prank is an annual tradition at the school. Teaneck High School is located in the northern portion of New Jersey and has some 1,300 students. In spite of the occurrence, school was in session on Thursday.

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