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Teamwork a skill that teaches getting along in school and beyond

Working together is not always easy for some children. Many have not been taught the skills, but this skill of teamwork is a most vital element. Teamwork is a skill that teaches young children best strategies.

  • How can I solve this problem?
  • If I do this, what will happen?
  • The issue of me, me, me, is it all about me?

These are some of the issues of learning critical thinking. Young children have the ability, however most of them need a coach to explain. Why?

  • There is more than one way to solve any problem?
  • Each person involved will have an opinion.
  • Young minds need the training to get them thinking in a different way.
  • Collaborating together makes solving problems much easier, knowledge from others makes finding results worthwhile.

Scenario: Johnny, Jacob, and Matilda, sit together in school. The teacher gives the students a group assignment. The three of them have to find a way to solve the issue of coloring the class door sign. Each child starts to think of ways to accomplish this task. Matilda decides to start coloring the sign all brown. Johnny objects, and says, I don't like that color, it looks dark. Jacob picks the color red and yellow and asks, how about these?

The children have started collaborating in a positive way. They choose many colors and ask many questions between them. Matilda felt bad when Johnny call the brown she chose dark, however she did agree with Johnny after she looked at the results of the door sign and all that brown. Matilda learned something to.

Each child learned that each one had a say in the outcome, and when they worked together, great results were possible. The art of young teamwork, taught and prepared them for future collaborating, and it is not all about me.

The next time you see your kids bickering about a problem that can be solved with team work, teach them that there are ways to solve the problem if they put there heads together.

Happy Teaching!


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