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2014 Winter Olympics

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Team USA Olympic warm up outfits look good? Jessie Diggins shows fashion (photo)

Jessie Diggins reveals her Team USA Olympic warm up outfits
Jessie Diggins reveals her Team USA Olympic warm up outfits
Jessie Diggins/Twitter

The Ralph Lauren Olympic Opening Ceremony outfits caused quite a stir when the designed was revealed. The fashion has been highlighted around the world as one of the gawkiest looks expected at the 2014 Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony. Picking up her team fashion on Monday, Jessie Diggins looked good in the warm up outfits. The Pioneer Press on Monday reported that the skier is going for the gold and her expectation is to win in Sochi.

“Opening Ceremony...and warm up outfits!!” tweeted Olympic athlete Jessie Diggins from her official Twitter account the star obviously was impressed with her Team USA fashion and could hardly wait to get to Sochi. The cross country skier was all smiles modeling the outfits for her fans on social media.

The odd thing is the visual comparison of Diggins' team fashion. Between the warm up fashion and the Opening Ceremony outfits there is a very different theme. One fashion offers such a contemporary look and the other looks like it was made by a grandmother who thought it was an ugly sweater competition. It’s too bad that Ralph Lauren didn't reflect on the pride of America instead of focusing on the iconic aspect of the country with symbolism. The comparison and difference can be seen in the clothing at the 2014 Olympics. Of course Team USA will be seen wearing both fashions at Sochi.

As for Jessie Diggins, if she is going for the gold, she probably doesn't care what uniform she is wearing as long as she is supported by Team USA and all the fans!