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Team USA honored by President Obama; team at Olympics Opening Ceremony (photos)

Team USA walks at the Olympics Opening Ceremony
Team USA walks at the Olympics Opening Ceremony
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

The Olympics Opening Ceremony had 97 country delegations walking the traditional parade of athletes on Friday night, including 230 athletes that make up Team USA. While the men and women who are representing America were in Sochi at the Winter Games, it was President Obama who offered up best wishes to the athletes and words of encouragement. According to the Miami Herald a brief video of President Obama was released on Friday sharing that the fans back home “couldn't be prouder.”

The skiers, figure skaters, snowboarders, bobsledders and other members of Team USA have definitely become an inspiration for America. Sharing their desires and dreams to become an Olympic athlete, the nation is closely watching Team USA to see if they win gold at any of the events.

In 2014, the delegation of American athletes sent to Sochi is the biggest ever. With competitors looking to medal in almost every sport, the pressure to be the best has many stretching for the gold. Offering personal stories and revealing how hard they worked to get to the Olympics, viewers in America can hardly wait to see what is accomplished. Whether the athletes medal or not, they are all still winners to the fans back home.

Take a look at Team USA walking in the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Smiling, taking pictures and enjoying the moment, the athletes have become stars in Sochi!