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2014 Winter Olympics

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Team USA celebrates its Sochi Olympics success in New York City

Medalists Nick Goepper, Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, and Noelle Pikus-Pace are honored.
Medalists Nick Goepper, Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, and Noelle Pikus-Pace are honored.
Olympic Proportions

New York City: The United States Olympic Committee celebrated Team USA's accomplishments during the Sochi Olympics at the final stop of the "Road to Sochi" tour in New York City on Sunday.

The USOC hosted a breakfast at Michael Jordan's Restaurant at Grand Central Station in the heart of Manhattan.

Both past and current Winter Olympics medalists turned out to celebrate America's success at these Winter Games: 9 gold, 7 silver, and 2 bronze.

Lisa Baird, USOC's Chief Marketing Officer, emceed the two-hour event by welcoming legacy stars: Lake Placid 1980 Olympics Hockey gold medalist goalie Jim Craig, and Torino 2006 Olympics silver medalist figure skating darling Sasha Cohen.

Also, newly crowned Sochi Olympics medalists: ski slopestylists Joss Christensen, dog lover Gus Kenworthy, and Nick Goepper, as well as supermom skeletoner Noelle Pikus-Pace all received kudos from an appreciative crowd of 150 guests.

The trio of skiers captivated the audience - for their 1-2-3 phenomenal finish was only the third time in Winter Olympics history that USA has ruled the podium.

Gold medaling Christenson, who barely qualified for Team USA, said, "The sweep has not sunk in yet. I am still amazed at what has happened."

Pikus-Pace, whose young children have traveled with her to Olympic qualification events this season, will be most remembered for her hugs felt around the world.

Soon after securing a silver medal on Valentine's Day, she jumped into the stands to embrace her husband and two young daughters.

"This is it. This was a dream, this was such a long dream," reflected Pikus-Pace who redeemed a disappointing fourth at the Vancouver Olympics.

Soon after the star-studded breakfast, the Liberty Mutual Insurance "Road to Sochi" 100-day tour culminated in a nearby hall within the station where thousands tried their luck at several interactive sports contests to win prizes.

Baird said that the USOC will soon be switching focus to the Summer 2016 Olympics that will be hosted by Brazil.

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