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2014 Winter Olympics

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Team USA brings home the bronze

Bronze medalists the United States figure skating team Simon Shnapir, Maria Castelli, Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, Meryl Davis, Charlie White, Jeremy Abbott and Jason Brown celebrate during the flower ceremony for the competes in the Team Ladies Free Skati
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Today, February 9, Team USA made history at the Olympic Games winning the first ever bronze medal in the Olympic Figure Skating Team Event.

Ten countries competed in all four disciplines and after the short programs were completed, five countries were eliminated while the top five moved on.

Team USA consisted of quite a few members. For the short program Jeremy Abbott competed for the men, Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir for the pairs, Ashley Wagner for the ladies and Meryl Davis and Charlie White in ice dance. Their performances were enough to take Team USA to the final where the free skates were performed in all four disciplines. This is where different skaters could sub in for the free skate, which is what happened in the ladies and men's events.

Competing in the free skate was Jason Brown for the men and Gracie Gold for the ladies, while the pairs and ice dance teams stayed the same. This strategy seemed to work for Team USA. There were some unexpected dismal performances,which the stronger skaters were able to pick up the slack and keep Team USA in medal contention.

Though it was a group effort there were definitely key players who helped keep the team afloat. The strength of Meryl Davis and Charlie White coming in first place in both the short and the free skate certainly helped. The superb performance from Gracie Gold in the free skate and Ashley Wagner's short program, were definitely pivotal as well.

Though Team USA did well, Russia dominated this new team event winning the gold. They won first in almost every discipline, expect in ice dance. It is clear that the reputation of Russian figure skating has been officially restored and yet the individual figure skating events are still to come in these Olympic Games.

Capturing the silver medal was Team Canada who put up a strong fight, showing just what exceptional depth they have in each discipline of figure skating.

Perhaps the most surprising, is that Team Italy finished in fourth place ahead of Japan by just one point.

All in all it was an exciting event and hopefully we will see it again at the next Winter Olympic Games, but for now it is time for Team USA to take a moment and enjoy making history.

Olympic Figure Skating Team Event: Final results

1. Team Russia - 75 points GOLD
2. Team Canada - 65 points SILVER
3. Team United States - 60 points BRONZE
4. Italy - 52 points
5. Japan - 51 points

*Eliminated after the short program

6. France - 22
7. China - 20
8. Germany - 17
9. Ukraine - 10
10. Great Britain - 8

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