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2014 Winter Olympics

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Team USA athletes arrive in Sochi; ‘Wolfpack’ poses near Olympic rings

Olympic Bobsledding team in Sochi
Olympic Bobsledding team in Sochi

Team USA has started to arrive in Sochi! Athletes from around the world need to make Russia their temporary home for the Winter Games and getting settled is important. Believe it or not, some of Team USA have made their way to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The female bobsled team appears to be some of the first athletes to get to the area after it was opened on Thursday. The “Wolfpack,” as the ladies like to call themselves, arrived at the coastal village on Friday and immediately took a picture to share with the fans.

“Wolfpack invades the Coastal Village” tweeted Aja Evans on her official Twitter account on Friday. Attaching a picture of the team, it showcased all the ladies surrounding the iconic Olympic symbol. Fans hope this is one of many pictures the team shares with the world about their journey.

While the bobsledders are ready to show their strength, it appears that they have a few more days to practice. Getting enough sleep, adjusting to the time zone and getting ready is their only focus. Of course soaking up the Olympic moment is important too. The once in a lifetime opportunity offered to these athletes is something they will remember forever.

The best part of the bobsledding team has to be that they arrive at the village already knowing people. Individual athletes aren't as lucky as they arrive solo and take longer to find a comfort zone, but the teams already have become best of friends.