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Team TMR (Thinking Moms' Revolution) and Autism Action Month

On April 4, the newly announced Team TMR posted a Thinking Moms' Revolution meme that reads: "April is autism ACTION month - Autism Action is... Accepting your child. This has nothing to do with HEALING your child. You can do both."

Team TMR (Thinking Moms' Revolution) Autism Action Month
The Thinking Moms' Revolution

This April, the founders of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution (authors of the book, The Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Autism Beyond the Spectrum, Skyhorse Publishing) announced the formation of TEAM TMR, a non-profit dedicated to helping other families secure effective treatments for their loved ones with autism.

TEAM TMR is dedicated to helping parents find treatments that reverse the effects of environmental toxins, including vaccines and antibiotics, that have negatively impacted the development of children resulting in Autism and other childhood epidemics. Bio-medical interventions and medical approaches that heal the damaged immune systems, G.I. tracts and neurological pathways are showing promising improvement in many children.

TEAM TMR was founded by parents fighting to recover their children from autism who want to give help and hope to other families in the same situation.

For further information, please visit the TEAM TMR website at