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Team of Secret Pet Food Shoppers reveals the truth about byproducts in pet food

Our dogs and cats count on us for safe, nutritious foods.
Our dogs and cats count on us for safe, nutritious foods.

Susan Thixton, the author of, has a team of Secret Pet Food Shoppers. They help her track down the real facts about quality, ingredients, and more in pet food formulas.

Susan has just published an article about the responses her shoppers received when they asked direct questions to some leading pet food manufacturers are about the use of byproducts in their food. The manufacturers questioned were as follows:

  • Eukanuba/Iams
  • Cesar Canine Cuisine
  • Diamond Pet Food
  • Purina Pet Food
  • Rachel Ray's Nutrish Pet Food
  • Hill's Science Diet
  • Pedigree Pet Food

Why were those particular companies contacted? That's because they all produce foods containing what Susan calls "red flag" ingredients. In this case, that means any of a number of byproducts, including ingredients called chicken (or other meat) byproduct meal and animal fat (as opposed to a "named" fat, such as chicken fat). Such ingredients can come from diseased or even euthanized animals, and they can contain dangerous preservatives and other additives.

In almost every case, the companies were evasive about the truth. To find out what their answers revealed, see this article on Susan's website. The answers are disturbing both in what they say and in what they don't say!

There's no reason to feed dog or cat foods or treats that contain red flag ingredients such as byproducts! To find out more about that, contact the Dayton Pets Examiner.


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