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Team Flirt: Vamp It Up!

Try these fun ideas this weekend!
Try these fun ideas this weekend!

Chances are that you, or someone you know, has been bitten by the bug that can only be called "Twilight Fever." Whether you are Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Eye Roll, you know that tomorrow is a big day for the teen-targeted vampire love saga. "New Moon," the second installment in the series, is released to dvd tomorrow, and fans are going to be hitting stores at 12:01 tonight to secure their copy. After all, the only thing more fantastic than the unfurling love triangle between a human, a vampire, and a werewolf--are the diehard fans of the series.

So, in honor of this big event, why not vamp it up this weekend before you go out and get flirty? Certainly, get your copy of "New Moon," and watch it during the day tomorrow. Get your fill of Edwards smokiness and Jacob's shirtlessness, and then tomorrow night--vamp it up! Here's how to do it without actually biting anyone.

The quickest and easiest trick you can do is get some blood red lips. If you want to go out and get a guy to look somewhere besides your chest, this will certainly accomplish that feat! In staying with true Twilight tradition, hit up Sephora in Jordan Creek mall, and grab some of the limited edition Twilight Lip Venom. It actually looks like blood, but beware--its a stain, so your lips will be red for hours! The venom (made by DuWop) has cinnamon in it also, so it will actually give your lips that "just bitten" look. Perfect to put on before heading out to West Glen!

If you are feeling a little bit more bold, then put on a sassy outfit--and add some fishnet hose! Your best bet is to check out either Von Maur or Victoria's Secret for some great tights selections--plus with the possible snow in the forecast, you don't want to have bare legs! You can either rock traditional style, or some funkier fishnets, but either way, you'll be getting some attention. Pair them with some fun colored heels, and you will definitely be at the top of your flirty game.

You could probably add a leather choker or something if you are feeling REALLY wild and crazy, but don't get carried away! The difference between flirty and scary is subtle, but distinct. Think about a little more Alice, and a little less Laurent! Have a great weekend!