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Team Canada beer fridge: Technology at its best in Sochi for beer drinkers

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The Team Canada beer fridge is offered to the Canadian Olympic competitors only, so how do they keep others from taking a free beer? Team Canada's passports act as the key to unlock this free beer fridge, according to Fox Sports on Feb. 10.

Yes, this is quite possibly the most impressive piece of technology at the Sochi Olympic Village, especially if you are a thirsty Canadian. The bright red beer fridge is located at Canada's Olympic house thanks to Molson Canada who is keeping the beer fridge stocked for Canada's athletes.

Fox News writer Andy Nesbitt calls the beer fridge "the greatest thing at the Olympics in Sochi. Why didn't the other countries put a free beer fridge in for the athletes? It seems as if Canada was the only country to make sure the thirst of its competitors was quenched at the swipe of their passport.

News of this beer fridge is a breath of fresh air, as it is something that brings pleasure rather than angst. After the elevator captured three athletes from the American bobsled team yesterday and wouldn't let them out, it's good to know the beer fridge is working fine.

One of the same guys stuck in the elevator was stuck in a bathroom a few days before, but it is great to see the beer machine dispensing as it was meant to. Some things are just more important! Who needs a working elevator when there's a free beer fridge in the complex?