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2014 Winter Olympics

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Team Canada beer fridge: Canadian passport needed to open Canada's beer stash

Team Canada's beer fridge: Passport needed.

Team Canada has a beer fridge, which isn’t too surprising, considering our neighbors to the north are synonymous with things like ice hockey and ice cold ales. But here’s the kicker – Team Canada is being a little choosy about who gets to access their free hoard.

According to Yahoo! Sports on Monday, the Canadians “actually have their own Molson refrigerator in their Olympic House. And to top it off, you need to swipe a Canadian passport to open the refrigerator!”

Canadian beer maker Molson Canadian tweeted:

Spotted! The beer fridge in Canada Olympic House in #Sochi #wearewinter — Molson Canadian (@Molson_Canadian) February 9, 2014

Leave it to the techy minds to make a fridge that can only be opened by certain individuals. Athletes are given a keychain that gives them free access to certain vending machines that are stocked with power drinks, but free beer? Definitely a step up in the complimentary beverage arena.

According to, “all the athlete would have to do is bring with them their passport, insert it into the slot to scan it, and then the beer fridge will pop right open and provide them with all the beer that they can drink.”

Very cool Team Canada.

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