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Teacup Pups could be up to no good, again

In November of 2011 the Humane Society of Forest Hills New York put out a report from an investigation of 11 pet stores that specialize in small breed puppies. The investigation included a shop called Teacup Pups and their findings were very upsetting, yet the store remained open and remains open today. Over the last week this Examiner has received several emails from people in the Forest Hills area that are very concerned about the on goings at Teacup Pups but the details of the reports are proving to be difficult to prove from the other side of the country. However, there are something’s that we do know for sure.

The investigation by the Humane Society of Forest Hills included hidden cameras, undercover visits to 11 pet stores including Teacup Pups and first hand experiences from customers of the shops. When all was said and done the Humane Society of Forest Hills was able to conclude that the shop owners and staff lead their customers to believe that the small breed puppies for sale in their stores came from small, local, in home breeders but the reality is that they were using large scale puppy mills. Many of the puppies came from facilities owned by Brandi Cheney in Missouri who was back in the news for her puppy mills just last year.

A portion of this report reads “Many of these facilities were linked to serious federal Animal Welfare Act violations for issues such as sick and injured dogs who hadn’t been treated by a vet, dogs without safe or adequate shelter, and dogs without adequate protection from extreme heat and cold.”

With only a few clicks of the mouse you can find recent reviews of Teacup Pups that describe a very bad situation there. Over the last week this Examiner has read reports of roach infested conditions, puppies dying in the back of the shop, no veterinary care and other such conditions. It leaves you to wonder if these 11 stores are still being monitored by the Humane Society of Forest Hills and if not, maybe they should be investigated again.

In one of the reports from a recent customer says “He came home with kennel cough, which went away with a vet visit and some medication. Then at around 4-5 months old I noticed that he had difficulty walking. He limped all the time sometimes yelping in pain, he didn't want to run or play because the pain was too great. I took him to a few orthopedic specialty vets, for opinions. The vets said he was an ‘orthopedic mess.’ My dog had congenital genetic defects in his legs- a product of being a puppy mill puppy. “

Of course not all of the reviews about Teacup Pups is negative and it seems that some have had a great experience there. However, many of the reviews are an exact copy of a review found on a different site and with a different name. Reviews like that make you wonder if they are fake. An email has been sent to Teacup Pups, should they reply you will get to read their responses word for word in a follow up report.

Before you buy a puppy please make sure that you know where your puppy is coming from. Supporting puppy mills is not good for the dogs. If you come across a puppy mill or suspect that something is wrong at a pet store please let someone know.

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