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Teaching little ones about the hard work and joy of ballet.

Ballet is a lot of hard work but the instructors of Studio Roxander make sure that it is fun too!
Ballet is a lot of hard work but the instructors of Studio Roxander make sure that it is fun too!
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What little girl does not dream of being a ballerina? Girls fantasize about floating about on the tips of their toes, wearing sparkling tutus, and putting glittering tiaras on their heads. Although ballerinas do dance gracefully en pointe, perform in spectacular costumes, and wear shiny hair pieces, it takes discipline and dedicated training in order to do these things. By offering encouraging, constructive classes to children three years old and up, Studio Roxander shows young ballet students the hard working, disciplined side of ballet as well as the magical, fairytale-like side.

At Studio Roxander, being young is no excuse for not giving one's all in class. Dedicated instructors, Elyse Roxander, David Roxander, and Melissa Williams encourage their students to work hard, teaching them that in so doing they will reap the benefits and gain the rewards that they want. For Creative Movement kids this reward might be a Disney princess sticker after class for remaining focused. For Pre-Ballet participants the reward may be a coupon for a free frozen yogurt after they have become flexible enough to do the splits. By the time children reach levels one and two, they have begun to truly value their teacher's feedback and praise and a compliment or kind word is the benefit they seek for their diligent efforts. Whatever the child's age, the instruction that he/she receives in ballet class does not only teach the student how to be faithful as he/she works hard while dancing, it also instills in him/her the importance of giving one's all to any task he/she may be faced with, even outside of the studio.

The work ethic that is introduced to children at a young age when they take ballet is invaluable but students must also be allowed to have some fun or else they will not have the chance to experience the joy and beauty of the art form. In order to culminate appreciation for the freedom and splendor of dance, the instructors at Studio Roxander give the children free dancing opportunities. This is when the kids are allowed to dance wherever they want in the room and do any steps they want to as long as they are ones that have been learned in class. The students love dancing to beloved songs like “Part of Your World” from Disney's The Little Mermaid, “I See the Light” from Tangled, and “Let it Go” from the ever-popular Frozen. Free dancing is a favorite among the children and succeeds in keeping young dancers inspired and coming back again and again!

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