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Teaching is my lifeline

With each day that passes, I am more in tune with myself and I gain more experience as a teacher. It is so gratifying to have a class of adults eager to hear and understand my passion for the cosmetology industry, and to inspire and motivate them to dedicate themselves to seek the highest levels of success in this industry. It has been quite the journey for me, but I am so thankful for the negative as well as the positive, which has molded me into the success that I am.

I must say that it took some time for me to realize "my calling" and to put my perspectives, my strengths, my weaknesses, my life, in order. Ultimately, the figurative light bulb went off when I was inspired by witnessing a close family member walking across the stage of a prominent university, receiving a Masters in Nursing. This experience weighted heavily on me to take action for my future success.

Here I am, on the eve of a "special birthday", again, reflecting on my thoughts, feelings, successes, and failures that have brought me to where I am. I am continuously movtivated through my class by my students to be the best that I can be. It gives me life for my students to hang on to every word that I say during theory lecture, to see them with a full face of makeup and neatly manicured nails, and smiling faces because I"m setting a proper example.

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