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Teaching geography by taking a trip around the world

World geography is an important part of the curriculum.
World geography is an important part of the curriculum.
Sanja Gjenero

Unit studies featuring the country of the week help homeschool kids learn geography and increase their appreciation of other cultures by making learning fun and interactive.

Young children don’t always learn well from a textbook, but they do get excited about making a mess in the kitchen, trying new crafts, dancing to fun music and playing games.

A simple book chocked with information can help you create unit studies featuring a different country each week (or two weeks, if you wish to go more in-depth). A Trip Around the World features 12 countries from different continents. Reproducible activity sheets include coloring pages, flags, maps, recipes, fascinating facts, and ideas for games and crafts.

Teacher Resources are included for each country, giving you several books you can use for further study. You may also supplement with books and videos from the library or your own collection. True Books have lots of photos and give just the right amount of information for an elementary age child. To further enhance the cultural experience, check out ethnic CDs from the library.

If possible, meet with someone from that country and have that person describe what everyday life is like for people who live there. Many international students and refugees live in Lincoln, and they can provide a wealth of first-hand information. If it’s in your budget, visit an ethnic restaurant from that country.

At the end of each week, have each child put their activity sheets into a notebook using page protectors to keep it nice. They can also write out some fun facts they learned or draw a picture of that country. Finish with photos of the foods you tasted and the games and activities you enjoyed.

Your kids will be sure to remember what they learned about the world because they will recall the unique experiences you enjoyed together as a family.


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