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Teaching Children Kindness

Teaching a child to be kind can be the first step in he or she making friends, being recognized by teachers and becoming a kind teenager and adult and parent someday. There are three ways that you can teach children to be kind. The first is to model kindness. The second is to watch movies and read books about kindness and the third is to point out when you recognize kindness in others.
The best way to model kindness is to be polite to your child and be polite to others around you. You can also show your child how to be very kind to their brothers and sisters and to any family pets. Plan on offering a small reward each time your child practices kindness.
Here are some interesting articles about modeling kindness for your children:
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There are some wonderful movies and books available for children that help teach kindness and consideration:
When you point out when others are being kind your child will learn that you appreciate that behavior. You may even consider keeping a journal or scrapbook of acts of kindness that you witness.Resources for showing your children acts of kindness are:
Teaching Kindness at
Teaching Children to Think of Others:
Raising a child to be kind will result in a child who has many wonderful friends, the support of their teachers and who will always show their parents kindness as well.

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