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Teaching abroad: How to apostille paperwork in Los Angeles

Prior to reading this article you should have obtained your background check from the FBI, Department of Justice. If you have not, click here for information. The next step is to get it notarized so it is ready to receive an apostille. If you are teaching English abroad, chances are that you need to get a copy of your diploma apostilled too, so you can do both at the same time.

Take your diploma and background check, as well as a copy of your diploma and background check to a notary. Places that notarize include the UPS store and Mail Boxes Etc. to name a few. Documents generally cost around $20 to notorize but prices are set by the notaries themselves so they can vary.

After your paperwork has been notarized, you are ready to get your paperwork apostilled. The Secretary of State’s office specifies locations. You have two choices. You can mail it, or take it to the Sacramento Main Office in person. It is located at :

1500 11th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

For more information on requirements call 916.657.5448.

Or, if you are in a hurry for your documents and you live in Los Angeles, you can take it to the regional office at 300 South Spring Street, Room 12513, Los Angeles, CA 90013. For more information call 213.897.3062.

Lines can be long so try to go as early in the day as possible especially so you can find good meter parking. When you are at the Secretary of State’s Office, which is on the twelfth floor, take a number and prepare to wait. Some days are faster than others. If you notarized copies of your paperwork, do not give the original documents to the clerk or you may not get them back. You can keep them for your records now. For example, if you include your original diploma, the copy of your diploma and the notarized paper, they may keep your original diploma. When you are finished at this office you are ready to go to the Korean Consulate to start your visa process.

The Secretary of State’s office posts fee's and other important information relating to your apostille here. Good luck and stay tuned for information on what to do at the Korean Consulate.


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