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Teachers don’t have enough time

Yes, teachers really do have super powers! This is the beliefs of many. Many tasks can be accomplished through the course of one period with an overcrowded classroom, any three students trying to talk at the same time while the phone is ringing and an announcement is being made over the PA system. Over the years, teachers have been given more work to complete with less time to do it. Visit any school at the end of the day and you will see most teachers tugging on multiple bags, or pulling on rolling crates or bags. They are taking the work home because it is too much to complete during the planning period. All of this extra paperwork is supposed to make teacher a better teacher. But is it really? These educators are rushing home after staying late at work to continue with grading papers, complete lesson plans, and other school-related paperwork.They are tired. They are overworked. They are not becoming better teachers; they are zombies!