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Teachers deserve respect!

What happened? We were acknowledged and appreciated, praised and revered, considered part of some families’ extended family. Parents and students turned to us for information, counsel, and literally a myriad of millions of things. Teachers were the final authority to the students and sharers of great knowledge. We could answer all of their questions. Parents sought advice on child rearing and education and anything else we could help them with.

Students would return years later to thank us and to share their accomplishments.

Teachers had the freedom to put their personality in the lessons and fun in the classroom while instilling the joy of reading and the love of learning in their students.

Now we just tow the party line (dictatorship), follow the pacing plans (Pravda), and test (worthless) when requested.

Will students remember which teacher tested them in third or twelfth grade?

Who took our respect and made us the evil bearers of blame?

If you follow the educational/political climate in America you already know the answers.

The know-it-best reformers; the politicians; the civic leaders; the publishers; and the media have spread the propaganda demonizing and demoralizing teachers, deploring public education, and deprecating the teaching profession.

And now, society and the public devalue education—what would our forbearers think?

Security guards at schools—public and private

Security at churches and synagogues.

Metal detectors at public schools.

Students not allowed to use hallway lockers.

Children walking to schools through unsafe neighborhoods.

Teachers once vaunted as heroes now deprecated as villains and blamed for everything.

Media and reformers controlled the pulpit.

Politicians and civic leaders following their lead.

Parental support for teachers declining thanks to the above.

Many new teachers leaving the profession before teaching for five years.

Teachers forced to serve breakfast in the classroom.

Test after test after test creates teaching to the test.

Senior teachers put in teacher jail for reasons unknown to them.

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