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Teachers are rebelling all over the U.S. Why Not in Los Angeles?

Teachers are rebelling against testing and against the tracking of students.

Teachers are rebelling against test scores being the main part of their evaluations.

Parents are also rebelling and opting out of testing.

Teachers are rebelling because there is no time for review or mastery of the skills.

Teachers are rebelling because testing takes time—oh so much time—from instruction.

LAUSD teachers and parents should be rebelling because senior teachers are being put in teacher jails. When they are close to retirement, near or at the top of the payroll, and if they stand up and fight especially against their schools’ administration, teachers are candidates for incarceration.

They are told to report to jail, not told the reasons, and are forced to sit there while their classes are taught by low paid, inexperienced teachers, who many times are substitutes.

The whole idea is to make the teachers’ lives so miserable that they give up and quit therefore saving LAUSD retirement benefits.

Every teacher, student, and parent in LAUSD should be rebelling against the district, the school board, the superintendent and his masters.

Every single day LAUSD teachers are forced to do things that are unconscionable to them:

Proceeding to the next skill when the students have not mastered the current one.

Socially promoting students who are not ready for the next grade.

Graduating students from high school who are on elementary levels.

Giving test after test knowing it is a gross waste of time and money.

Not being able to teach all the subjects that they are supposed to teach since the only ones considered important are those tested.

Not having time for remediation, review, enrichment or challenge.

Using textbooks that do not have enough practice and that teach the skills improperly.

No longer being able to inoculate the love of learning and the joy of reading into the students.

Not making education fun as it was in so many ways before they had to teach to the test.

Being forced to accept disruptive secondary students back into the classroom as the school’s administration will not provide assistance.

Going along with decisions made by downtown bureaucrats, superintendents, school board members, state bureaucrats, and publishers, while teachers are never consulted.

Allowing the wealthiest people in the country and their foundations to influence public education in ways that are totally wrong.

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