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Teacher Tiffany Leiseth accused of sex with 2 teen students while hubby was away

Up until recently, Tiffany Leiseth had been a substitute English teacher at New Brighton Area School District in Pennsylvania (north of Pittsburgh), but that was before she was accused of having sex with two teen students only hours after the school year ended in the Keystone State.

The Christian Post reported July 10 that Tiffany Leiseth was arraigned on Monday. It is alleged that the 26-year-old invited the two boys, both 18, back to her Moon Township home on two separate days for sex, her husband being away on a business trip.

Her alleged assignations with the teens were discovered after rumors swept the school they attended that they were in possession of nude photos of Leiseth. A teacher overheard the boys discussing the sexted photos on May 30. Two other people made calls to the district superintendent to report the nude photos as well.

Police immediately launched an investigation into the allegations. Moon Township Police Chief Leo McCarthy told WPXI News, "They had a rumor that a school teacher was sending nude photographs of herself to two male students. They followed up on that rumor and they found those students, and they found the nude photographs, and they identified the teacher."

According to police, the teens admitted to having sex with Leiseth at her home. One was invited to her house the day school ended and was also given a beer. The second, who also told investigators that the teacher told him not to tell anyone, was invited to the Moon Township home the very next day.

Tiffany Leiseth was summarily released from employment by the school district.

Leiseth was charged with two felony counts of intercourse and sexual contact with a student, according to court documents, as well as one misdemeanor count of providing minors with alcohol.

The teacher's attorney, Michael DeRiso, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I'm not going to get in a war at this point with the alleged victims’ families. The reality is you had three consenting adults once school let out. Obviously, the district attorney disagrees, and we’re going to pursue it.”

“Regardless of your age, whether you’re an adult or not, if you’re a high school student, a teacher cannot have sexual relations with you,” said Police Chief Leo McCarthy.

Leiseth is scheduled for a preliminary hearing July 22.

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