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Teacher sues Catholic school over pregnancy

Pope Francis visit
Pope Francis visit
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According to an August 22 article in ABC News; a Montana school teacher is suing the Catholic school she worked for. Shaela Evenson, a physical education teacher for Butte Central Catholic, was fired for being pregnant and unmarried. The diocese stated that she was fired for violating the terms of her contract.

The decision, seemingly an open and shut contractual matter; may be complicated by other rulings. According to the NY Post; 2 female teachers were given their jobs back after being fired for being topless in their classrooms. The teachers, engaged in what can best be described as consensual contact; were given their jobs back after the Appellate Court called the terminations “excessive.” One Judge remarked that “at least” the act did not involve (nor was witnessed by) minors.

The Bible, in the book of Romans, speaks out against both fornication and homosexuality. The Bible also encourages people to honor any contractual (covenant) agreement that they enter in to. Perhaps the most famous covenant of all is the one made between God and Abraham. (Genesis 15) In it, God promised to make Abraham’s offspring as numerous as the stars in the sky.

72 Chicagoans were asked to weigh in on the story. Over half (44) of those asked about the story supported the position of the school. Almost all of the respondents (68) felt that the time for the teacher to raise concerns was before she was hired; not after she was fired.

Every company has its own employee handbook, and their own rules. Some have rules on facial hair; some have policies that say you cannot wear jeans. There are policies that regulate the amount of stuff you can have on your desk. Is there something wrong with this? Should she be able to sue the school?