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Teacher responds to nasty student letter with brillaince

A teachers response to a letter place on a door

Teachers often feel they do not get the well deserved praises they should receive for persevering under sometimes difficult classroom situations. On one side are the students who at times can be difficult recipients of the teacher's well thought out lesson plans. On the other side are the administrators who must insure that all state and local educational requirements are met.

There are times teachers get stuck in the backlash from students over required lesson which students must complete. This seems to be the case for one English teacher who received a nasty letter from a student after the student finished their English graduation project. The letter originally appeared on but a revised version of the letter with the profanity blurred out appeared on

The teacher did not respond to the letter negatively but did the classy and humorous thing and simply edited the letter as if it were a writing assignment.

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