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Teacher reads teen's text messages to class: Mom furious as kids taunt daughter

Mother irate when daughter's teacher reads her private text messages to the classroom. Daughter now taunted and ridiculed.
Mother irate when daughter's teacher reads her private text messages to the classroom. Daughter now taunted and ridiculed.
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A mom is furious after her daughter’s high school teacher read her private text messages out loud to the class. Apparently this is the teacher’s policy if the kids are caught texting or if a text comes in while they are in class, he reads it to the entire class, according to The Inquisitr on July 6.

While this might be a policy that works to keep kids off their electronic devices and paying more attention to class work, there are circumstances when the text messages shouldn’t be read out loud. Case in point: the teen’s mom texting her about her grandfather’s funeral arrangements.

The teacher also read some very personal messages between the teen and her boyfriend, which were embarrassing in nature. The mother is furious over this teacher’s gall and she wants to take action over this, but apparently she is not too sure on just how to do this, so she asked for help.

The website Mansfield Uncovered reports that this happened in Mansfield and the mother’s name is Patricia Mitchell. She told Mansfield Uncovered that since this happened, her daughter is the brunt of jokes and taunting from the other kids in school.

She penned a letter to the local newspaper explaining her plight. The mother told them how the teacher mortified her 15-year-old daughter by reading some very personal text messages to the class as punishment for receiving text messages in class. She emphasized the text messages that she herself sent to her daughter regarding the funeral arrangements of the teen’s grandfather.

She said her instinct is to call the police and the school requesting an investigation around this teacher’s policy regarding text messages. At the end of the letter she asked if there was anything that can be done about this.

Well as far as the newspaper answering the woman, that is unknown, but it was apparent this mom is furious and probably not going to stop until she is heard by the powers-who-be and they do something about it.

It is understandable that this teacher wants to stop the text messaging during class and this seems as if it would work as a deterrent for the kids, possibly enough of one that they will turn their phones off when they enter his classroom. If the deterrent is the embarrassment he bestowed on this teenage girl, then maybe it isn't something he should be doing.

The problem about reading these messages out loud is that kids can be cruel and depending how personal the message is, the teacher can be setting this kid up to be bullied. If the boyfriend’s messages were of those of a sappy nature from a lovelorn kid, then you’ll now have two kids getting ridiculed, the teen and her boyfriend.

The Inquisitr suggest that common sense dictates that as the adult and teacher, he might want to read the content first before reading it out loud to the class. That wasn’t done in this case. It is apparent that the teacher is trying to keep the kids present while in the classroom, but is this the way to do it?

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