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Teacher poses as Trayvon Martin in yearbook: Remains mum on reason behind photo

History teacher poses as Trayvon Martin in high school yearbook.
History teacher poses as Trayvon Martin in high school yearbook.
Heritage High School yearbook

When a California history teacher posed as Trayvon Martin in the latest yearbook, the photo brought cheers and jeers, splitting people into two different camps. It stands to reason that Spencer Smith would want to convey a piece of history for the kids to look back on one day, but was this a good choice?

One mother said, “this is supposed to be capturing the best moments of the year. And all positive things,” according to Newsoxy on May 24. Then again, history and the world is not made up of positive things, this could be the point the teacher is trying to make.

Smith is a teacher at the Heritage High School in Brentwood, California and he hasn’t offered up his thoughts on why he choose to pose as Trayvon Martin for the yearbook. While Smith remains mum about the thought behind his pose in the yearbook photo, the comments from others are plentiful today.

One of the major themes coming from people today is that the pose was O.K., but not for a yearbook. This is what Amber McKim stressed to the media. She is a sophomore at the school where Smith teaches.

Other students are voicing their support for Smith, reports the New York Daily News. Smith is posed with a hoodie partially covering his face and holding a bag of skittles, as seen in the picture above.

The skittles are significant because the night that Trayvon Martin was shot he was out to buy a bag of skittles at the store. The history teacher is wearing the hoodie in a similar fashion as Martin did that night.

The racially charged case had George Zimmerman tried for murdering Trayvon Martin, but he was acquitted of the charges. The Trayvon Martin shooting is a significant case of modern times. Being a history teacher, he might have used this picture as a final lesson of some sort.

Smith posing as Martin might be his idea of leaving the kids a reminder of the importance of this case during the years they attended high school. Unfortunately no one knows for sure what Smith has in mind because he hasn't addressed this, not even with the students whose yearbook this is.

Not knowing anything about Smith, it could also be a way for him to get attention. Only Smith is the one who can answer why he posed in the school’s yearbook wearing a hoodie and holding a bag of skittles, but he's not talking!

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