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Teacher poisoned: 9- and 12-year-old allegedly spike water with rat poison

Two elementary students in Brooklyn, New York, finding themselves accused of poisoning a teacher after they allegedly placed rat poison in her water bottle, have been arrested and charged with assault.

ABC News reported (via Yahoo News) May 21 that the students, aged 9 and 12, were observed by another student putting rat killing chemicals into the unidentified teacher's drinking bottle. The younger student is alleged to not only have procured the rat poison but was also the one who inserted the chemicals into the water. The 12-year-old allegedly assisted.

The observer, also not identified, notified a parent and the parent immediately notified the school.

The teacher took the water bottle to the principal's office and left to see a doctor, the New York City school system stated. She was said to be recovering, according to reports.

Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Davis said Wednesday that the boys had wanted to see what would happen to the teacher when she drank from the tampered-with water bottle.

Authorities say the students will be tried as juveniles. They have been charged with criminal possession of a weapon (the rat poison pellets), reckless endangerment and attempted assault.

The Department of Education said in a statement that it would continue to monitor the situation. "Ensuring the safety of our entire schools community is our priority, and while this matter is still under investigation, we will take swift and appropriate action."

No sooner had news of the Brooklyn incident started making national headlines than a 14-year-old Lakeland, Florida, student was arrested for squirting hand sanitizer in his teacher's water cup. The Orlando Sentinel reported that on May 21, a teacher at Crystal Lake Middle School detected the odor of the santizer after noticing the water tasted strange. She had left the room for a few moments to talk with the dean of students. Subsequently suffering a headache and stomach ache, she sought medical treatment at a nearby hospital. The student was arrested and charged with poisoning when two students told authorities they saw the 14-year-old inject the sanitizer into the teacher's cup.

Earlier in May, a teacher in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England was overwhelmed by a deadly bleach-like chemical she found in her steel coffee flask, according to the Daily Mail. Warned by a student, she had not taken a drink of the noxious mix. Two 10-year-old boys were disciplined for the action, although the Clapha, Terrace Community Primary School did not disclose what punishment was meted out to the offending students.

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