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Teacher on paid leave after asking kids to come up with slang names for genitals

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What else are you going to do in an “adult roles” class? For Ashley Williams, a teacher at Weber High School, in Weber County, Utah, the answer was to have her students do what adults do in their leisure time: See how many slang names for the sex organs they can come up with.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, was placed on leave last Friday after her students ratted her out to administrators. The lesson was part of the course Adult Roles and Financial Literacy, a class that offers college credit.

Matt Ogle, executive director of the Ogden-Weber UniServ, a part of the local teacher’s union, said this was the first time Williams had used such a strategy in teaching the lesson. He said she heard of the idea at a Career and Technical Education conference she attended, as part of a table discussion in which teachers shared strategies.

Ogle described Williams as “a very conscientious teacher” with a “very good track record,” adding he is confident that she “will continue to be a very good teacher in the future."

Nate Taggart, a Weber District spokesman, said of the lesson that “regardless of where she learned it, the district feels it was inappropriate." Where does he think she learned it? On the street, of course.

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