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Teacher jailed for sex with student

mug shot
Philadelphia Police

In what is becoming more and more common in today's society, a teacher has been sent to jail today, June 5 2014 under $125,000 bail. Stephanie Amato, of the northeast section of the city is accused of having sex with one of her 14 year old students. To make matters worse, she is a Special Education teacher . Amato has allegedly told police that the relationship was "consensual". A 14 year old cannot consent to having sex with an adult, especially a teacher. Special Education students are not stupid. They know right from wrong. They just need a bit of extra help learning, when regular teachers go too fast. They need extra attention. Amato is accused of showing too much attention to this boy.

She admitted to police that she had sex with this boy on multiple occasions between March and April of this year. These encounters are alleged to have happened in her house or auto. She is being charged with corruption of the morals of a minor, Statutory sexual Assault. and related charges.

She taught 8th grade at Ethan Allan School in Northeast Philadelphia. Many people feel in this kind of instance that when the victim is a boy, the boy is lucky. Maybe so but maybe the boy did not really know what he was getting into and if he was not mature enough to handle and process what was happening, they boy could have psychological scars for the rest of his life. Amato faces a sentence that could range from probation, if the victim does not want to cooperate to decades in prison, according to previous case histories.

Here is her Facebook. page.

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