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Teacher instructs one 2nd-grader to punch a peer in the face

Watt Hardison Elementary School
Watt Hardison Elementary School
Newschannel 5 screen grab

Last month, it was a teacher who ordered six students to beat up a classmate who was a thorn in her side. This time, the situation is much more benign. On Wedensday, a teacher, was suspended from her post teaching second grade at Sumner County School District in Portland, Tenn., after allegedly ordering only one of her 8-year-old charges to punch another in the face the previous day. That’s a much fairer fight.

According to Newschannel 5, two students at Watt Hardison Elementary School got into a scuffle on the school bus. Brandie Dobson, the mother of one, admitted to reporters that her son was a part of the fight, adding, "The little boy had pushed him and hit his brother and cousin. So he hit him back.”

But the next day, she said the teacher in question (whose name is being withheld) decided the fight wasn't over. She allegedly took the Dobson boy, his brother, and the other child into an empty classroom, and with another teacher present, had them finish duking what they had started.

Says Dobson:

She had told the little boy to hit my son. I understand he hit him, she didn't feel like it was good enough so she had him hit him again in the face.

On Tuesday, Sumner County Schools released the following statement:

[The teacher] has been suspended as Sumner County Schools conducts an investigation into these allegations. We intend to thoroughly investigate this matter to fully determine if this incident occurred and the circumstances surrounding it. If these allegations are indeed proven true by our investigation, our Director of Schools will take appropriate corrective action, as we will not tolerate this type of conduct within our school system.

Dobson says the teacher-influenced fight violated a trust that likely can't be repaired:

They're there to look after over kids not to have them be hurt, and have other kids punch them in the face or anywhere on their body. You don't do that.

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