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Teacher grabs student by face and only gets suspended

Teacher grabs a 6 year-old student by the face

A teacher in Hancock County, Ohio was caught on camera grabbing a student by his face. His parents are furious not only with the fact that a teacher touched their son in that fashion but also because of the ridiculous punishment the teacher received.

Anthony and Autumn Nelson have two children in Riverdale Schools. The child that was assaulted by the teacher was their son Ian, 6, who is a kindergartner. The surveillance video of the incident shows Ian walking down the hall to the bathroom.

When he leaves the bathroom after a few minutes, he is confronted by his teacher. What she did next is shocking. She grabbed him and holds him up against the wall. She then grabbed him by the face and by the shirt. As she picks him up off the floor, his head flops back.

The teacher was only suspended by the school district for 10 days. Anthony Nelson stated, “I would consider what would happen to myself, if I were to do that to her. If I were to do that to her, I would go to jail.”

Autumn Nelson stated, “He was in the other room and I watched it [video] out in the kitchen and I just started crying. I burst out in tears. I called my mom. I called his mom.”

The Nelsons insist that the teacher should have been terminated. They plan to take the video to the Hancock County Sheriff’s office and see if they can have any criminal charges filed against the teacher.

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