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Teacher dances off 100 pounds: Roni Tarver inspires

Roni Tarver, teacher who danced off 100 pounds
Roni Tarver, teacher who danced off 100 pounds
Photo via CNN's Twitter

A teacher danced off 100 pounds, and now her story has gone viral. Roni Tarver is the woman behind the inspiring transformation, and CNN shared the details about her story on Monday. Just what led to this big change?

Tarver shares that in the fall of 2012, she weighed 235 pounds and was taking 10 to 15 ibuprofen each day. She was a fairly new teacher, and she was exhausted. Roni says her husband never criticized her, but it made her perhaps feel even more guilty that she wasn't taking the initiative to get healthier. She had a wake-up call and started riding a stationary bike, walking, and watching her calories. Soon the teacher started dancing, and 100 pounds were eventually shed.

Roni Tarver found Zumba, and she quickly became addicted. Ten months later she got certified to teach the classes that transformed her, and she shares that “It's good for your soul, if you ask me.” Tarver did transform her eating as well, though she didn't follow any specific protocol. Roni says she did cut out dairy and she tracked her calories, cutting out fast food and incorporating healthier food choices.

It took 14 months, but the teacher danced off 100 pounds from her 5-foot-6-inch frame. She says she is “the happiest I have ever been.” Though it certainly hasn't been easy, Tarver's journey is certainly inspiring. She tells people to find something active they love and don't give up. Roni adds that consistency is the key, and she clearly has shown she knows what it takes.