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Teacher creates a ‘Pay To Potty’ policy

The Evergreen School District, in Vancouver, WA, is currently investigating a teacher at Mill Plain Elementary School. This third grade teacher created and enforced what she called a "Pay to Potty" system. In order to take a bathroom break, children were required to spend their fake classroom money. According to KATU, classroom cash is used to manage the classroom. Children can earn this fake cash and spend it on toys, treats or going to the bathroom.

There were two different accounts of parents complaining that their child having wet their pants as a result of this "pay to potty" policy in this classroom. Both moms informed KATU that they would like the policy immediately stopped and action taken against the teacher in question. One of the mothers was so upset that she has taken her daughter out of school and is considering keeping her out until the situation is resolved.

KATU reports Evergreen School District spokeswoman Gail Spolar says “pay to potty” system is not district policy. It is supposedly a decision left up to the teachers to keep track of when kids leave the classroom. This includes bathroom breaks. It is intended to be a way to "check out for the restroom" as an alternative to hall passes or sign-out sheets

While the teacher is out and under investigation, a substitute has been hired to take her place.

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