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Teacher bullying? SoCal teacher accused of making 10-year-old eat from trash

What is going on with our school administrators lately? Just one day after I brought you the story of a Florida teacher who forced her student to use his bare hands to unclog a urinal filled with standing pee, we have this: A Calif. teacher who coerced a 10-year-old to eat out of a trash can. out of Los Angeles reported Saturday that elementary school teacher Marcia Brown at the Alcott Elementary School in Pomona made Gilbert Lopez, 10, eat his unwrapped lunch out of the garbage.

Brown is now on administrative leave.

After tossing his sandwich, Brown allegedly called Lopez back and forced him to dig it out of the trash and eat it in front of the other students. He told his teacher no, but she would not have it. Lopez was so humiliated, he didn’t even tell anyone; a fellow student told the principal, who then called the parents.

According to Lopez, when he told his teacher he didn’t want to, she replied, “Well, you have to.”

Other students were eating in the classroom as well in order to finish an assignment. The fifth grader stood and ate the disgusting sandwich while his friends snickered.

“It made me feel sad, because a lot of people were watching me and they laughed,” Lopez said.

A case of teacher bullying? Gilbert Lopez's mother Elena Ramirez thinks so. Ramirez told KTLA that her son threw out his lunch – an unwrapped rib sandwich – because he wanted to use the period to play.

“I would never expect anyone to eat anything out of the garbage,” Ramirez said. “To me she used her authority to take advantage of somebody who listens… They’re supposed to take care of our children.”

A disciplinary meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. Ramirez said she wants Brown fired.

The Pomona school district issued the following statement:

"This morning, District Officials were notified about a situation that occurred at our Alcott Elementary School. The circumstances involved a student who remained in the classroom during lunch, discarded his food, and was made to retrieve the meal and eat so as not to waste it. The teacher in the classroom has been placed on administrative leave, while the matter is being further investigated. We take the nature of this incident very seriously and will take appropriate action."

Do you think the teacher should be fired for her actions? Leave your thoughts below.

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