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Teacher back in classroom after being suspended for steamy modeling photos

The school district determined that her lingerie modeling did not negatively impact her ability to teach.
The school district determined that her lingerie modeling did not negatively impact her ability to teach.
Kaity Pearson/Facebook

Last week, special education teacher, Kaitlin Pearson, 23, was suspended from her teaching gig at South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Mass., after it came to light that she was also moonlighting as a model specializing in sexy lingerie and bikini shoots.

On Jan. 29, The Daily News reported that Pearson has been reinstated at her school and is back in the classroom, although some folks in the community don’t feel as if her modeling career helps establish her as an appropriate role model for her students.

Pearson’s problems with her day job began after an anonymous letter, complete with photos showing Pearson at work modeling, was sent to her school district and a local newspaper.

The letter that accompanied the photographs read, "Can you believe that this girl was hired to work with special education children in the Fitchburg schools?!!"

But after being suspended on Friday, Pearson was reinstated the following Monday after school officials decided that her modeling career didn’t interfere with her teaching activities.

"We are confident that she will bring the same level of commitment to her job and her students that she always has," read a statement from the school district.

Pearson returned to her South Street Elementary School classroom on Tuesday.

On her modeling page at Model Mayhem, Pearson states that she’s passionate about her modeling but also has a full-time job. Don’t contact her about anything else other than modeling, as she has a boyfriend.

Pearson also states that she doe does not shoot full nudes.

Some parents had mixed emotions about a teacher from their district also being a lingerie model.

"You're trying to be a role model for the kids," parent Andy Saocedo said.

Another added, "She probably leaves work at work and her modeling career separate from her teaching career."

You can like Kaitlin Pearson on Facebook here, and here.

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