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Teacher appreciation day in May

National teacher appreciation day is May 6. Teachers are often under appreciated for all of the work that they do. A good teacher does not just work eight hours a day. Teachers usually start early, leave late and work at night planning for the next day.

The best reward a teacher can have is when a student learns a concept. It is a great feeling to see a student click and you made a difference. That moment means everything, and the reason why teachers teach.

Parents, of course, are a huge part of a child's education. Parents that take an active interest in their child's homework and learning make teachers smile! With parent involvement, teaching is not an uphill battle.

Write a teacher a nice email or letter about how much you appreciate them. Perhaps add a few stories your child shared with you nicely about the teacher. Send candy, teaching supplies or any other trinket as a thank you! Most importantly, be involved by making sure homework is finished every night and studying with your child.

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