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Teacher accused of having sex with male student is school board president's son

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A social studies teacher at Hanover Area Junior/Senior High School in Pennsylvania who also happens to be the son of a school board president has been arrested and charged with the sexual assault of a high school student.

WNEP reported Jan. 7 that Edward Evans, 33, was charged with two felony counts of institutional sexual assault. According to court papers, Evans took a male student to his home in Luzerne County in March 2013. There the two engaged in sex.

According to, Evans, who turned himself in to police alongside his attorney, was released on $20,000 bail.

The criminal complaint against the teacher reveals allegations of a lewd act committed against an 18-year-old student. Evans reportedly was giving advice to the student on sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS testing when he the two exchanged phone numbers. Later, Evans picked up the student and took him to his home, where he was shown materials concerning the aforementioned disease in Evans' bedroom. The two then engaged in oral sex.

The complaint notes that Evans' allegedly told the student not to tell anyone about the encounter.

Evans, according to police, tells much the same story. However, in the teacher's version, there is no mention of sex with the student. Evans says the student was only at his house for a short time.

Evans, according to Hanover Area School District has taught school in the district since 2003. In a statement, officials from the district noted that Edward Evans has been placed on unpaid leave for an indefinite period. His future employment is dependent upon whether or not he is found guilty of the charges he is facing. The district would also seek the revocation of Evans' teaching certification as well if he should be found guilty.

District officials confirmed to WNEP that Edward Evans is the son of school board president Evelyn Evans. reported that Evans is the second teacher in Luzerne County to be charged with having sex with a student. According to a criminal complaint, Lauren Harrington, an English teacher at Wyoming Valley West High School, was arrested on Dec. 19 on charges she had sex with a male student in her vehicle.