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Teachable Gardens are already growing at LAUSD

busy hands are learning to cultivate
busy hands are learning to cultivate

As we wrap up the school year and all the gardens are still full of vegetables for sale at the local farmers markets, I contemplate the next years curriculum for the elementary schools in the LAUSD. Although there are many folks that are interested in providing the school to plant our next gardens, we are still trying to figure out the exact products we want to install in these #TEACHABLE GARDENS. The raised bed design should accommodate a single class of up to 40 students. More likely the class size will be about 35 students.

The curriculum is based on lots of information I have discovered that is free and readily available online at Department of Energy and other governmental programs available for helpful content and lesson plan suggestions and standards.

Teachable gardens do so many great things for education. It can be the introduction of all conservation of our resources. In the Southern California desert, we all need to conserve the natural resources and become a keeper of the gardens of our communities.

As I continue to gather the resources for this exciting program, I will continue to update my readers on our progress. Meeting with Nick Federoff to discuss possible products for his sales site and later this week, I will attend the DWELL show Downtown lA. It'll be fun to check out all the great products available for outdoor living at Dwell Outdoor. and possibly make some friends that also want to help teachable gardens grow for little kids.