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Teach primary students this cheer chant to boost their self-esteem

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You may find this short cheer chant video helpful to give your primary students a self-esteem booster.


Directions: Play the video and have the students chant along.

  • Please note: This song is one of the activities included in the lesson plan called “Zeb and Deb anti-bullying K-2 lesson 5: Monkey Mick and Monkey Minn.”

Jay, the Blue Jay’s Cheer Chant

Cheer re-told by Debbie Dunn

Jay! Jay!

All right! Okay!

I’m all right!

I’m okay!

No matter what

their mean words say!



Previous lessons

This is the Zeb and Deb anti-bullying K-2 lesson 4. For lessons 1-4, click the links below:

  • Lesson 1: Introducing program, song, and class rules
  1. Part A. Program introduction and class rules (coming soon)
  2. Part B. Anti-bullying K-2 sing along song called ‘Spies like Zeb and Deb’
  • Lesson 2: Rob and Tina lost their joy
  1. Part A. Zeb and Deb anti-bullying K-2 lesson 2- Rob and Tina lost their joy
  2. Part B. Main idea discussion questions (included in above link)
  • Lesson 3: Rob, Tina, and the Mouse Mother tale
  1. Part A. Zeb and Deb anti-bullying K-2 lesson 3: Rob, Tina, and the Mouse Mother tale
  2. Part B. Play four (4) games with printable facial expression cards
  • Lesson 4: More about tiny Tina and big Rob
  1. Part A. Zeb and Deb anti-bullying K-2 lesson 4: More about tiny Tina and big Rob
  2. Part B. Tattling versus telling skits set 1: Gum chewing and playground slide safety



Benchmarks and Standards from the Department of Education for the State of Tennessee

Please note: This anti-bullying lesson ties in with the following grades K-2 guidance counseling and health benchmarks and standards for the state of Tennessee. It could also apply to the guidance counseling and health benchmarks and standards for other states as well; however, since the author is a Tennessee resident, she has only researched Tennessee guidelines.

Please also note: Only key words and phrases will be listed for the standards. For the full text, please see the full-text resource section below for the downloadable PDF guidelines.


School Counseling Standard 3: “Relate School to Life Experiences”

  • Helpers in school & community:

* Standard 3: Level 1

* Standard 3: Level 3

School Counseling Standard 6: “Knowledge and skills to achieve Career goals”

  • “Conflict management skills with peers and adults:”

* 6.3

* Standard 6: Level 2

* Standard 6: Level 3

* Standard 6: Sample Task: Stoplight Exercise

School Counseling Standard 7: “Self Knowledge and Interpersonal Skills”

  • Feelings:

* 7.2

* Standard 7: Level 1

* Standard 7: Level 2

  • “Demonstrate a positive attitude toward self:”

* 7.1

* Standard 7: Level 2

  • Communication skills:

* 7.4

School Counseling Standard 9 “Acquire Personal Safety Skills”

  • Coping skills:


  • Helpers in school & community:

* 9.2

* Standard 9: Level 1

  • Bullying & Teasing:

* Standard 9: Level 3

* Standard 9: Sample Task

  • “Effective and appropriate ways to respond to ‘put-downs, compliments, and kind responses’.”

* Standard 9: Sample Task

  • “Alternative approaches to resolving conflict non-violently”

* Standard 9: Sample Task

  • Emotion:

* Standard 9: Level 3


Section called: Emotional, Social, and Mental Health”.

Standard 8: The student will understand the importance of positive self-concept and interpersonal relationships for healthy living.”

  • Feelings & Expression:

* 8.1

* Standard 8: Level 1 (three listings)

* Standard 8: Level 2

* 2 Teacher Assessment Indicators example

  • Manage emotions & Feeling sad/sadness:

* Standard 8: Level 2 (two listings)

  • Characteristics of a bully:

* Standard 8: Level 1

  • “Actions to take when confronted by a bully”:

* Standard 8: Level 2

  • “Role play of a bullying situation”:

* Standard 8: Level 3

* Teacher Assessment Indicators example

  • Communication skills

* Standard 8: Level 1

* Standard 8: Level 2

Full-Text Resources:

School Counseling & Career Guidance: Grades K-2 for the state of Tennessee (Adopted in 2005)

Tennessee Health Education Standards pre-K-2


Lesson 6: Tina, Rob, and Ellen Eagle’s Traffic Light Game (coming soon)


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