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Teach entrepreneurship in schools: Support the E2 Petition

Teach entrepreneurship in schools. Support the E2 petition
Teach entrepreneurship in schools. Support the E2 petition
Photo credit: Anthony Delmedico

Our schools still follow an industrial-era approach to education, moving students through an assembly line of grade levels, standardized tests, and not preparing them for the economy of today. Entrepreneurship classes and curriculum should be added to the current required curriculum and with equal importance as Math, English and Science starting in the 4th grade and advancing to the 12th grade.

By the time we’re done with school, what have we really learned? We learned how to be drones. Most students have no idea who they are and what they’re passionate about. By the time most students graduate from college, they are looking for jobs instead of looking to create their own.

"If entrepreneurship is the engine of our economy, creates jobs and puts food on tables, why wouldn’t we place as much emphasis on it in our public schools as we do Math, English and Science?"

Anthony Delmedico, a serial entrepreneur, started the E2 Petition for Entrepreneurship Education in grades 4-12 nationwide. Delmedico dreamed of one day owning his own business. But in his single parent, blue-collar family, there wasn’t enough money for him to attend college, let alone launch a business. Regardless, he started several “kid businesses” during elementary and high school, learning firsthand the core entrepreneurial skills, that served as a foundation for his success later in life, when he launched several multi-million dollar companies.

  • E2 as core curriculum will launch a new generation of Entrepreneurs across America, creating millions of new jobs and industries.
  • E2 will help return America to full employment over the next decade, thus improving our economy on a grand scale.
  • E2 will also reduce teen drop out rates, juvenile crime and incarceration rates, as well as create a pathway to success for young adults, regardless of a college degree.

Launching E2 is a big, bold idea. It will require strong leadership, but if executed within the next year or so, it will create millions of new jobs and even new industries by the year 2020. E2 will put America back to work and make the American Dream achievable for everyone, regardless of income, background or color. Small businesses led by entrepreneurs are responsible for 75% of all new jobs being created today.

Sign the Petition and support Entrepreneurship Education. It takes two minutes.

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