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Teabagger favorite and Showtime climate change convert facing federal indictment

Controversey swirls around Congressman Grimm once again.
Photo by Charles Norfleet

The people behind a new, much lauded climate change documentary may find themselves in a quandary following breaking news about a Republican Congressman. In a press release today for Showtime's Years of Living Dangerously, the producers of the series announced that Michael Grimm, a controversial Republican Congressman from New York and long time global warming denier, will state that he now believes in anthropogenic climate change in the next episode.

The series is a must see for Bakersfield and San Joaquin Valley residents who are concerned about climate change and its effects upon the area.

Grimm, who represents Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, is a favorite of the Tea Party and has been involved in controversial actions before. He allegedly threatened to throw a reporter off of a balcony and break him in half. In the upcoming episode he will explain his change of heart in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes. His decision was reportedly influenced by the effects of Superstorm Sandy, which devastated much of the area he represents.

The problem now, however, is that several news agencies also reported today that federal authorities are about to indict the Congressman for violating campaign finance laws. A spokesperson for the series did not respond to this reporter's request for comment on the development.

In light of this latest revelation, some have speculated as to whether Grimm's "conversion" regarding climate change was a legitimate change or rather one done to gain the sympathy of the political left. By being one of the few Republicans to embrace what the majority of climate change scientists accept, one could argue that former opponents may be less likely to go into full attack mode.

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