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Tea Stops Bad Breath

Tea, Mouthwash & Toothpaste to Fight Bad Breath
Tea, Mouthwash & Toothpaste to Fight Bad Breath
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According to an article titled, “An Ancient Bacteria Killing Machine” included in the May 2010, Affiliated Dentists S.C. newsletter explains how tea stops the development of bad breath.

Included in the article were the results of two studies conducted, which revealed that tea extract is capable in fighting bacteria that causes bad breath. One study concluded that green tea extract would improve toothpaste and mouthwash efficiency in combating viruses. Using only toothpaste and mouthwash had an extremely small virus-fighting result when combined with bacteria. But, when green tea extract was included with the toothpaste and mouthwash approximately 99% - 100% of the bacteria dissolved.

The other study compared a combination of black tea extracts with three types of bacteria that are connected with bad breath and bacteria that were isolated in Petri dishes for 48 hours. The results indicated the tea polyphenols reduced the growth of bad breath bacteria by 30% and decreased the creation of compounds that cause bad breath. This study also concluded that rinsing with black tea prevents plaque from developing and breaks-down acids, which cause tooth decay.

In conclusion, both studies used tea to conduct the research relating to killing bad breath bacteria. It was determined that tea has an amazing capability to fight bad breath.

Thanks to Affiliated Dentists S.C. for an informative article.

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