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Tea Party super PACs outpacing Establishment GOP super PACs

Tea Party rally in Washington
Tea Party rally in Washington
Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

An analysis reported today by Fredreka Schouten and Christopher Schnaars of USA Today revealed that establishment Republican super PACs are struggling, while Tea Party super PACs are thriving.

Importantly, the authors also found,

"Democratic-aligned super PACs entered the election year with a more than 2-1 fundraising advantage."

The authors based their findings on "the 77 super PACs that posted at least $100,000 in contributions last year." Clearly this is not an academic project, but it does provide interesting insight into the minds of the donors, who seem to be leaning toward constitutional conservative candidates in the Republican Party versus the GOP establishment.

Despite the continual misrepresentation of Tea Party conservatives as "anti-government," and "extremist," those who identify with the movement to restore limited government as envisioned by America's founding fathers have not abandoned their principles.

Schouten and Schnaars write that "once-flush organizations such as American Crossroads struggled to attract early support from Republican donors," while the Tea Party Patriots super PAC "doubled its fundraising during the second half of the year and posted the biggest receipts of any conservative group."

Not surprisingly, the anti-Tea Party GOP super PAC, Defending Main Street, "turned to labor unions for more than three-quarters of its funding in 2013."

To comprehend how deep this schism goes, consider establishment republican John Cornyn's PAC, “Texans for a Conservative Majority,” which claimed that Tea Party favorite Rep. Steve Stockman had been “jailed more than once,” was “charged with a felony” and “violated federal ethics laws,” as reported at WND yesterday.

Rep. Steve Stockman "has filed a libel lawsuit" against the PAC, claiming "some of the most outrageous, malicious defamation ever recorded in Harris County."

Establishment Republican Rep. Peter King founded an anti-Tea Party political action committee called “American Leadership Now.”

As radio host Mark Levin said to those who blame Tea Party conservatives for dividing the Republican Party,

"Actually, we're not dividing the Republican party...It's you clowns in the establishment versus everybody else."

The Tea Party is far from out of the woods, but this analysis is hopefully a good indicator of things to come.

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