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Tea Party's "Free Speech" targeted again at the Castillo de San Marcos

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December 28, 2013

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Tea Party targeted again at the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida

A not so welcome greeting from the fellow sporting the beard!

There are just some things that can’t be pushed aside. That is, trying to be friendly and pushy at the same time. Today, the Town Criers walked along the sidewalk which leads up to the Castillo from the parking lot on the south side of the Fort. This walkway leads up to the ticket booth, which is on the right, and the entrance to the draw bridge is on the left. This area is semi-enclosed by walls with a single entrance. The Saint Augustine Tea Party (SATP) reports that the National Park Service (NPS) had concerns during their “free speech zones” negotiations with them in July of this year. They did not want demonstrations in the ticket area as it could affect access to the Castillo. Respecting the NPS’s concerns, the Town Criers turned away, 50 feet from the booth and entrance area, when they were stopped by three people with cameras who wanted to take pictures of them. The picture taking lasted less than 20 seconds, when the bearded fellow above, told them that they were not in the “free speech zone”. The Criers assumed that he was unaware that the ‘free speech zone’ now includes the sidewalks and the majority of the fort grounds. The Town Criers told him he should ask Superintendent, Gordy Wilson, about the 1st Amendment having been ‘restored’ to the Castillo grounds, after the 4th of July, public relations blunder when the Town Criers received a Federal citation. [See the series of articles dated July 1, 6,Aug 1, 7 in Examiner] The citation was voided after the media aired the story and the public jammed the Castillo’s phone lines in defense of the Criers. “Here we go, again. The harassment continues,” a Crier said. The public was shocked at witnessing the 1st Amendment violation.

From sea to shining sea it is a “free speech zone”

All across America from coast-to-coast the federal government is restricting the 1st Amendment, as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, on federal lands, in federal offices and restricts ‘Speech’ to ‘free speech zones’ or eliminates free speech entirely. It is a wide spread belief of administrators of various federal departments that their regulations supersede the Constitution of the United States. So it is with the Department of Interior. They believe a federal court ruling gives them the right to restrict free speech, to ‘zones’. It does not. It was reported by the SATP that Congressman Ron DeSantis has requested, in his capacity as a member of the Oversight Committee, the precise authority for the NPS’s creation of “free speech zones”. In the language of his letter “guidelines for individuals to protest on National Park property” and “under what authority the NPS acts under when enforcing these rules”. No answer has been received to date. The SATP is also considering the filing of a civil rights violation against the NPS. When the Town Criers, of the SATP, were profiled and targeted for harassment by the Park Rangers, at the Castillo de San Marcos on the 4th of July, 2013, one Park Ranger called out to other Rangers with this alarm: “The Tea Party Is Coming”

Message from the street to federal administrators, “Don’t Tread on Us”!

“With the failure of Obama Care, the invasion of privacy by the NSA, the corruption and scandal at the IRS and the cover-up of Benghazi, American people have grown weary of your progressive [communist-fascist] agenda. Nothing unites the people more than an assault on the First Amendment and they look to the Tea Party for leadership. The Town Criers have been engaging the public for almost 3 years. The loud and clear message to remember is that the First and Second Amendments are burned into the souls of the American people,” stated a Tea Party spokesman. Continuing, “The power elite in Washington, D.C. are not in touch with the citizenry. The Tea Party is. And, the Tea Party Movement is growing. In just 4 years, according to CNN, 37% of the voting population ‘identifies’ with the Tea Party values. This is an enormous voting bloc that the Republicans are distancing themselves from, for a more progressive agenda so cherished by the cowardly GOP leadership.”

Downtown St. George Street was wall to wall visitors

Downtown St. George Street was wall to wall visitors who took hundreds of pictures of the Town Criers. They took turns waiting to have their pictures taken with the Tea Party patriots. To the right, are some of the people who recognized the Town Criers and wanted to have their picture taken with the politically incorrect signage. The featured sign of the day was, “Vets Retirement Cut By Obama”. Another sign, “Speaker Boehner Must Go”, also turned heads. “Any hopes that the Tea Party and the Republicans would come to a retrenchment were dashed with the new budget, which increases expenditures, funds Obama Care and cuts Veterans pensions. This was the last straw. The GOP joined forces with the Obamaites and cut the Tea Party out of the equation. Boehner finally stood up to fight …not Obama, but the Tea Party. Amazing,” a Tea Party spokesman said.



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