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Tea Party Patriots do not defend America's principles from the sidelines

Should we Americans be prepared to either witness or permit the undoing of those values that our nation’s founders sacrificed their security and their lives for? Should we turn our backs because of the safety that timidity and political acquiescence to philosophical abandonment of religious values permits?

Tea Party Patriots - Reclaiming America's Founding Principles
Let Freedom Ring

The answers to both is a resounding NO! But that is where the nation finds itself this morning and every other morning that Americans decide that it is better or more convenient to give in to political wills that take away our religious life principle.

Tax Day has allowed Americans to take stock in itself and fight against the trampling upon our right to protest that the current administration in Washington seems to feel conservatives and Tea Party Patriots owe the President a thank you for.

How can Americans, be it in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Tallahassee, Florida, or Houston, Texas or anywhere else in America accept Obama’s principles and policies that have been baked in the oven of socialism and delivered to our kitchen tables in a neatly packaged bag of political platitudes? To do so would be certainly ill-advised at the very least.

Last week, Lansing, Michigan was one of many rally points for the Tea Party Patriots. Michigan’s state capitol saw approximately 1,200 people protest taxes and the mis-direction of state and federal government policies. The Americans for Prosperity of Michigan – Taxpayer Tea Party stood in the midst of the political arena and not on the sidelines and proclaimed “No more, no more!!”

The Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin cannot be mocked any longer by the mainstream media elite as a loose affiliation of wild-eyed, pitch fork waving, uneducated individuals who want nothing more than to tear down Obamascare policies and not to possess a sophisticated thought in their head.

Recently, the CBS/New York Times survey certainly dispelled that well-cultivated mainstream media rumor when it revealed that Tea Party members are, on the whole, wealthier and better-educated than the general public.

The fear mongering was not residing in the realm of the Tea Party Patriots themselves but rather was comfortably situated in the daily commentaries of MSNBC pundit luminaries and the like. Thusly, for nearly a year, Tea Party Patriots, young and old alike who were standing up for a nation that was no longer being represented in Washington D.C., were being demonized by the Washington inside-the-Beltway detractors

So what are the nation’s left-leaners to do?

The truth is such an awful thing for them to swallow. Yet their very own New York Times, their beacon of what is true and just and right in the news has spoken. These Tea Party Patriots have to be taken seriously because they are educated, principled, and moneyed, and purposed to stand in the midst of the political ring not on bended knee, but with a strong steel-like political back.

Oh the absolute horror and befuddlement that must have been felt last week when the CBS Morning Show had to editorially admit that there is something newsworthy about the Tea Party Patriots. The Tea Party Patriots did not need CBS or the New York Times to legitimize them or their movement. Millions of American people from all walks of life – and yes even minorities – have not been blinded or bamboozled by promises unkempt and less than transparent policies unfulfilled.

This new American Revolution Tea Party is important today because this band of patriots have now crossed the Delaware River of liberal media assaults and sent the British- and Hessian-like liberal spinmiester troops into a tailspin. They’ve won the day for this new emerging American populism.

See, what the British didn’t get and those who were on the sidelines in America did not understand at the dawn of American democracy was that the moral fabric and fiber of the founding fathers and their reliance upon an all-knowing God was more important than political opportunism.

It is the faith of the Tea Party Patriots, much like the founding fathers, that enhances their courage and strengthens their principled resolve to challenge government leaders who have become foreign, distant, and unrepresentative.

The recent Tea Party Patriot 47-city tour and rallies was not a movement of racists, nor knuckle draggers or anarchists. They were Americans who believe strongly in the Constitution which certifies their God-given right to protest, to demand, to organize and yes to even throw a party (or 47 parties) across the nation to show that protecting the life of the nation cannot and must not be done from the sidelines but in the political arena.

As former president Theodore Roosevelt said, “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”


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  • Sam Anderer 5 years ago

    Our fore fathers gave us a Republic not a Democracy.

    We need to be reminded of the grass roots of their thought paradigm: God's Word--Old and New Testament; God's laws, statutes and judgments that our fore fathers agreed to at Mt. Sinai. We are to administer His laws, statutes and judgments, the first to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, body. No other gods before Him.

    To turn away from our wickedness and beg forgiveness for our disobedience and He will heal our land. Without out Devine Providence we are lost.

    A Biblical Constitutionalist

  • Sheryl Young, Tampa Faith & Politics Examiner 5 years ago

    Wow, this is terrific, Kevin. I've been away from all internet writing since May. Sorry to see you haven't written here lately as well.

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