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Tea Party loved and embraced by “We the People”

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Tea Party loved and embraced by “We the People”

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The Town Criers, a Committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, made its 119th appearance on historic St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida, on March 14, 2014. The Town Criers are in the business of carrying “politically incorrect” signs to stimulate political conversation among the many visitors who come to their city from all over the world. . However, Criers focus on Americans who travel here from all over the United States.
[See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at]. The most popular sign introduced to date, has been the “Big Red Sign”, which is featured in the photographs pictured here. The sign was introduced on Memorial Day, 2012 and it simply states, “Obama is a Communist.” When the sign first appeared, the conversation was about whether he was a Communist or a Socialist. With many people believing that he was simply a Socialist. There were those who could not bring themselves to believe that they had elected a Communist. Today, that conversation is no longer taking place. Today the public confirms that he is a Communist and much more. They are referring to his Islamic leanings and his anti-Israeli stance. The majority of Americans are not comfortable with a chief executive who demonstrates his hostility towards Israel. This past Friday, the Town Criers introduced four new signs. The one that resonated with the public was a sign that stated, “Obama is an enemy of the people.” It rivaled the “Big Red Sign” in popularity.

Republican and Tea Party split

A woman from Texas, who identified herself as a Republican Executive Committee member and, who headed up the team in her County for the Romney campaign asked, “Why is the Tea Party attacking the Republicans?” The answer given was, “We are not attacking the GOP. It is the Republican leadership, particularly in Washington, who has vowed to destroy us. The Tea Party movement is a ‘grass roots’ movement that believes in a limited federal government as described in the Constitution of the United States. The Republican Party believes in lots of government and a big federal presence. You can tell by their actions at all levels of governance. Words are cheap. The top-down leadership of the Republican Party likes power. “We The People” are about Liberty and freedom. There is a big disparity here. The Republican Party needs to return to its Republican principles and to its original base. To not do so, based on what we see here among the people will be a disaster, in the long run, for the GOP and perhaps the Country.

The Republican leadership, the Democratic Party and the establishment media outlets for both parties are either hostile to or ignoring the Tea Party movement. But it is clear to this reporter that the vast majority of people encountered on St. George Street is supportive of the Tea Party movement and are looking to it for guidance.