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TEA Party its own worst enemy

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It’s not bad enough that the TEA Party is demonized and mocked by liberals. It’s not bad enough that Republican Establishment moderates are fighting to keep conservatives from spoiling the party they and their liberal friends are enjoying on the taxpayer’s dollar. Many members of the TEA Party have to be so purist that any hint of being less than perfect is anathema to them, and we lost the 2012 election because of it.

Mitt Romney was a perfectly good Christian conservative and business genius who was demonized by the liberals to be characterized as “too moderate.” Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, both also geniuses who had greatness to offer America were disqualified by liberal propaganda. The problem is that people expect too much and are not willing to put forth the effort to take the steps to save America, but expect it all to be done in a giant leap. Problem is we didn’t fall this low overnight, so why should anyone expect America to be rebuilt in a day?

Former President Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, recently said that Republicans are going too far to the Right. Even Newt Gingrich, one of the greatest advocates of Reaganism has said, “The era of Reagan is over.” He did not mean that what Reagan believed is no longer valid, but that many people are turning against his policies due to ignorance and the propaganda of the Left.

Michael hasn't lost it, he's just not expressing the problem correctly. The problem with the TEA Party is being fractured and each group wanting the perfect candidate. Newt Gingrich should have been the nominee in 2012, but he was torpedoed from within the GOP. Romney should have won the presidency, but he was torpedoed from within by the GOP. The problem isn't that there are not conservative candidates, the problem is that no one is conservative enough to survive the destructive propaganda that can be brought against them. We of the TEA Party are getting in our own way.

Michael Reagan on Republicans