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Tea Party incumbent scorned by fellow Republicans

Tea Part incumbent Rep. Justin Amash (R-CA) - Hearing footsteps from his own party faithful
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Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) will not win the “most popular politician trophy” from fellow House colleagues. Already facing a tough primary to retain his seat, the self-proclaimed "Tea Party incumbent," has a growing enemies list among party lawmakers, Politico reported Thursday.

It's not that Rep. Amash doesn't have a host of financial backers. They include the Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity and Club for Growth. His opponent, financial advisor Brian Ellis, has the support of the fund-raising arms of Home Depot and Dow Chemical.

Amash's political enemies include the highly respected Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, retiring at the end of his current term. Rogers cut his opponent a $5,000 check, telling Politico that Amash "votes more with the Democrats than with the Republicans."

In a recent poll commissioned by one of Amash’s supporters, Club for Growth, The Hill reported the incumbent had a comfortable lead. Nevertheless, the Republican establishment (moderates) are feeling lofty after recent primary wins elsewhere. Their leadership has concluded Amash is a “liability and unfaithful to his tea party branding,” according to Politico.

Opponent Ellis released a campaign ad that said, "Justin Amash talks conservative, but he voted against the Balanced Budget Amendment, against the ban on gender selection abortions and with President Obama 51 percent of the time."

Amash has isolated Republicans with his vocal criticisms of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) data-collection practices. He told Politico that candidate Ellis "is running on more corporate welfare, unconstitutional spying and support for Common Core.”

The last days of this primary guarantee not to be a pillow fight.

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